Past Life Regression Therapy in Boise, ID

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What is PLRT and how does it work?
PLRT is a safe and natural process where clients uncover past life experiences through gentle guidance. We begin with a guided relaxation, where the client enters an altered state of consciousness. We will move through your past lives, connecting with your soul/essence/wiser self, guides, and/or angels. Once you reach an alpha or theta brainwave state, your ability to become conscious of past-life memories that reside in the subconscious mind/soul engages. This state of mind opens communication channels between you and your spirit, guides, and angels, who support us understand the purposes of your life and in the healing process of your past-life and current-life trauma(s).

FAQs about PLRT

How long does a PLRT session last, and how much does it cost?
The therapy session typically lasts just under 3 hours. We begin with a 30–45-minute interview, then proceed with a 60–90-minute past-life reversion, wrapping up with 30-45 minutes of processing and integrating the experience.
PLRT is not processed through insurance. The self-pay rate for the 3-hour session is $500.
What are the steps/process of PLRT?
After discussing what you would like to accomplish in our session, you will be guided through a form of meditation/hypnosis that helps you enter a slower brain wave state. Once you are in this state of consciousness, you will be guided step-by-step through your past lives to the point where you will be able to uncover past life information and communicate more directly with your spirit and guides. I will work with my own personal guides/angels, as well as your guides/angels in helping you heal and gain insight that will benefit you throughout this lifetime.  We will round out the session by discussing any insights, guidance, and ways to integrate the session into your life.
Is PLRT safe?
Yes, PLRT is definitely safe. Most of my clients share feedback that PLRT is a relaxing, enjoyable, and insightful experience that helps them get unstuck, heal, and understand more about themselves. During our session, your subconscious mind/spirit/guides/angels typically determine which past lives come into your awareness and what will be for your good to share. In my experiences with these beings, they generally guide us based on their knowing of what will be comfortably tolerated during the session.  
What is PLRT like?
Most clients report this therapy as being an enjoyable experience. How the past life is experienced varies from person to person. For some, it is like watching a movie. For others, it comes in flashes—sometimes in words, sometimes in a general sense of knowing.
What if I am not hypnotizable? Will I experience a past life in PLRT?
Most people, but not everyone, will experience a past life in our session. I am invested in creating the best conditions possible to support each client in reaching a past-life remembrance.  Clients vary in ability to reach a hypnotic state and in the techniques that work for them. Fortunately, I have been trained in various forms of hypnosis and I am adept in using the approaches that best fit the individual. If you do not experience a past-life regression during our session, I would be happy to discuss setting up another session with a 50% reduction in cost.
Do you record the PLRT session?
Yes, I will make an audio recording of the session and will send you a copy of it within a week.
How do I know it is not just my imagination making it up?
I have read extensively on this subject and firmly believe that we have had previous lives and are capable of accessing those experiences. Yes, our human minds are incredibly imaginative and have the ability to create things that do not exist. However, from my experiences, most of the time clients are authentically recounting past lives during therapy. I am sure that for some, it is possible that it is imagination; and even if it is imagination it is coming from the subconscious mind that is also very intelligent, wise, and insightful in helping to guide us. Nonetheless, my belief is that as long as the experience is beneficial for the participant, it is less essential to delineate between imagination and your soul communicating. 
What if I have more questions?
Feel free to email me any questions you may have about PLRT at and I will be happy to address them.