Hypnosis Therapist in Boise, ID

Hypnosis Therapist in Boise
Hypnosis means different things to different people.  Some people think that it sounds amazing and want to try it, while others are not so sure.  This is understandable given how hypnosis is presented in mainstream entertainment where people appear to be doing things that are not in their control. You may be surprised to find that even in these situations, the people are actually in control of what they do and do not do.  
Hypnosis is not mind control. It is an enhanced state of awareness where people are in an open and relaxed state of mind where deeper positive changes can take place. Hypnosis allows brain waves to slow down enough and for parts of the mind to become more receptive and responsive to healthy change. I find these changes tend to be effortless and longer lasting for the person than most other forms of therapy.  Most people report feeling safe, relaxed, open, and in control during our sessions.  

One way that I think about this is that we have two areas of our brain and these areas regularly talk back and forth with one another. “Maybe we could eat a little cake.”  “No, we are on a diet.”  “Well, a little wouldn’t hurt.” And so and so. When these two parts are not in alignment it creates internal stress and struggles where the deeper mind oftentimes wins because it is hard-wired directly into the body. The higher mind doesn’t have this power but has much more wisdom. When these parts of the mind come together and are in agreement, then change happens effortlessly because beliefs shift, and there is more of a sense of wholeness.   

For example:  If a person really wants to quit smoking (higher mind), but another part doesn’t (primitive mind), then the chances of the person quitting are low and it will likely take a lot of work trying to not give in to the primitive mind and body's desires.   However, when the primitive mind gets that smoking is not beneficial to it and that there are other ways of finding good feelings it will tend to gravitate towards it without having to work to make it happen.

Hypnosis has many applications in helping people to:
  • Heal traumatic and painful past events
  • Pain management
  • Feel less anxious
  • Get over phobias
  • Stop addictions
  • Create healthier behavior patterns
  • Stop obsessive and compulsive behaviors
  • And many more…

Hypnosis for anxiety and weight loss is highly effective, as well as for many more issues.  call me at 208-803-5339 to set up an appointment.

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