Anger Management Treatment in Boise, ID

Anger Management Treatment in Boise
Anger is an emotion in our body that is saying there is something wrong and something needs to be done about it. It can be helpful to us to bring awareness to the fact that we need to deal with things in our lives; however, acting upon this anger typically creates the exact opposite of what we want.  Think about it, how many times has anger actually been beneficial to you? And, likely the times that it has, the anger has come at some form of cost on the back end, including resentment from the other person, tit for tat, or feeling bad for over-reacting. I find that anger tends to be like drinking poison yourself and hoping someone else gets sick. Usually, the anger doesn’t affect the other person, but it sends stress hormones through your body and makes you suffer. Controlling your anger will help with stress reduction and improve your health. At other times, this poison can spill out onto others which results in unnecessary harm and regret.

Anger (i.e. the fight response) is very adaptive in animals when they feel threatened.  It prepares the body by getting the animal to bite, kick, or hit to stop a behavior. This response to bite, kick, or hit is almost never productive in our society. When people get stuck with this drive to make something stop by being aggressive, they are usually forced to stuff it or for it to come out verbally. This typically results in it either building up inside or making the situation worse. Anger actually makes people dumber. How many times have you ever made a good decision while being angry?

Fortunately, there are many methods to resolve the core of the anger so that you are less triggered, calmer, and more in control of your thoughts and actions. I also know many anger management strategies that have been very helpful with my clients in learning better mastery over their emotions, angry thoughts, and impulsive responses.
I would be more than happy to discuss this in more detail with you. Feel free to contact me about setting up an appointment so that I can help you heal the sources of your anger as well as build the skills to have more control and feel calmer in general.

Whether you need therapy and counseling for anger in teens, managing anger in your relationships, or general anger management, I will help you rebuild happier relationships through solution-focused therapy. As a licensed, professional clinical counselor, I have decades of experience in teaching clients coping strategies for anger.  

Online Therapy for Teens, Adults, and Families

If you would like telehealth counseling to learn about strategies to control anger, or online family counseling services to learn how to help support a family member in their desire to overcome their anger, I am happy to support you with online counseling sessions.

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"Dr. Cummins has coached me on coping skills, helped me to realize my destructive behavior, and manage my anxiety which has helped me grow as a person and allow me to live a better more enjoyable life."
— A.P.
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