My Specializations — Counseling in Boise, Idaho

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  • Treating Sexual Dysfunctions
  • Improving Sexual Connection and Performance
  • Overcoming Procrastination and Improving Motivation
  • Stress Management
  • Ways to Thrive in Life
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Life Challenges
  • Improving Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence
  • Assertiveness and Communication Training
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Men’s Issues
  • Weight loss
  • Pornography and Sex Addiction
For more information about me and to see if I am the therapist you need, please read My Personal Statement as a Psychologist.

Call me at 208-803-5339 to set up an appointment.

A Review of My Services


"Dr. Cummins has always been extremely responsive to my needs. He is the most caring, helpful, and warm therapist that I have ever worked with. He has been able to help me so much more than all of my past therapists combined.” 
— S. in Boise
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