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Substance Abuse Counselor in Boise
Addiction is the body and mind’s desire to feel better and a person’s inability to have a healthy relationship with the element that is making them feel better. Many people believe that it has to do with will power, past pain, intelligence, etc. There is some correlation with these, but I know people that have very poor will power, horrible pasts, and lack of intelligence that have never become addicted to anything. While I have known people with very strong will power, trauma free pasts, and highly intelligent that become addicted to things. A person’s genetics, body, and primitive mind are likely even more significant factors in the likelihood of a person developing an addiction.

I believe that much of what is driving the addiction, and can be worked to shift it, is found in the primitive and unconscious mind.  This part of the mind wants to feel better NOW, no matter what the costs, and regularly sabotages steps towards abstinence and recovery. This part of the brain is very primitive, not logical, and is hardwired into the body. This is why people feel a dichotomy as if there are two parts of the self-fighting with each other to stop or take more. When these two parts of the mind are more aligned and that the unconscious mind realizes that it is also in its best interest to refrain then people report abstinence to be easier and longer lasting. For instance, if a person wanted to quit smoking 100% but the deeper mind is not on board, then the person is either going to fail or is going to be on an uphill battle for a long long time. However, when both parts are in agreement the internal battle ends and quitting becomes much easier.

As a professional chemical dependency counselor, my approach to working with addiction is very different than how 12-step programs approach it. I find Alcoholics Anonymous to have many beneficial aspects, but it also has a lot of drawbacks that turn people off to it and keeps them from succeeding. I don’t believe that it is necessary to feel guilt, to go over all the horrible things of your past, or to make amends to change. What I find is that people do much better focusing on where they want to be moving and making changes through insight, inspiration, and alignment. I also find that when both areas of the mind are working together, people find quitting to be much easier and effective.

Substance abuse in one individual affects every member of their family. If desired I also provide family therapy for dealing with substance abuse, as well as behavioral and chemical dependency counseling.

If you need an intervention counselor to help a loved one dealing with alcoholism or drug abuse, call me at 208-803-5339 today
Online counseling sessions are available if needed.

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“Dr. Cummins listens patiently without judgement and continues to help me address the root causes of the issues instead of just the symptoms.  I highly recommend Dr. Cummins, and his office is conveniently located in the North End, close to everything downtown.”
— K.D.
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