EMDR​ (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapy in Boise, ID

Boise Rapid Resolution Therapy and EMDR Therapy
EMDR is a therapeutic technique I am trained in, have extensive experience with and have a high success rate in using.  EMDR therapy is primarily used to help people integrate past traumatic memories in a more adaptive manner so that they are able to remember the past without having a feeling of reliving or being haunted by it.  The EMDR counseling process has the person recount the past event in a safe space with their eyes moving back and forth in a particular way.  It is a gentle, simple and effective process that helps the brain communicate and process differently so that the person’s mind and body become significantly freer of the symptoms they have been experiencing as a result of the past trauma.  EMDR psychology helps the deeper mind get that the traumatic event doesn’t exist anymore and that they are now safe, then the mind and body no longer feel the need to protect itself from things that don’t currently exist (i.e. the past).  EMDR therapy has been found to be effective in not only treating trauma, but also anxiety issues, major depression, addiction, and many other mental health issues.  Feel free to visit the national EMDR site for more information.

Whether you are needing EMDR counseling for trauma, anxiety, eating disorders, or have another issue, call me at 208-803-5339.

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"Dr. Cummins has always been extremely responsive to my needs. He is the most caring, helpful, and warm therapist that I have ever worked with. He has been able to help me so much more than all of my past therapists combined.” 
— S. in Boise
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