North End Wellness Job Opportunities

North End Wellness and Counseling, a thriving group practice, is hiring part and full-time or part-time positions for a licensed therapist. Current clinicians are paid between $65-$75 an hour for billable sessions and report high job satisfaction. Clinicians share that it is like being in private practice without the hassle and having a consistent referral basis. For clinicians who don't have their full licensure yet, the beginning pay is $35–$38.50 an hour with supervision included and increasing to $40–$44 an hour after the first year.

I am looking to hire people who are inspired by these modern approaches and who are invested in their own personal and spiritual growth. North End Wellness is a very healthy work environment where employees feel valued, empowered and respected.

The website is and my website is Please send a letter of interest and resume to if interested.

Job Position Synopsis

Payment Arrangement and Benefits:
Payment is made on a 55–45 split (55% to you and 45% to NEW) bi-weekly of all receipts collected from service hours completed. Most group counseling centers do a 60–40 split with the person being 1099 (independent contractor) where the person pays the 15% employment tax (resulting in 45% of gross income). With NEW, you are considered a W-2 employee which means that NEW pays the 15% tax resulting in 55% of gross income. This results in 18% more income than you would typically receive with other agencies.

For example, if a session grossed $100 you would earn $55 dollars as opposed to $45 with other agencies as a 1099. Please feel free to let me know if this needs further clarification. Payroll is paid out every two weeks by direct deposit to your account.

Asset 2
North End Wellness Provisions:
  • Regular client referrals
  • Marketing and advertising by North End Wellness, LLC and the employee which will include:
    • Website representation
  • Advertisement on at least one online advertisement site (, etc.)
  • Liability Insurance
  • High quality office space in beautiful building
  • Billing and Collection Services
  • Office Software is Practice mate/Office Ally
  • Consultation and Supervision as needed
  • Full payment for the 40 hour Rapid Resolution Therapy basic training ($1,650 value)
  • Financial assistance for continued education
  • General office supplies

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Employee Expectations:
  • Full-time or part-time employment to be defined further in the contract based on our agreement and mutual expectations. Prefer full-time but may be open to part-time in the right situation. The expectation is that modern methods of therapy modalities used at our center.
  • Perform the general counseling duties including seeing clients, controlling your own schedule, collecting clients' share of fees at time of service, adequate documentation, and following ethical guidelines.
  • Employee will be responsible for licensure renewals and keeping current.
  • On-going personal and professional growth.