Healing past trauma & abuse​


​It is quite common for many of the problem issues in peoples’ lives (depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, chaotic relationships, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, impulsivity, etc.) to be the result of traumatic experiences earlier in their lives. Many of these issues are either reactions to the trauma or attempts to cope with or avoid the trauma. My treatment focuses on helping the person regain a sense of power and safety, increase and improve coping strategies, and reduce the emotional trauma from the memory. Please see my links to trauma and its treatment. I have extensive experience assisting individuals in healing past trauma and abuse and am currently in the process of writing up my thoughts about this concern. Please feel free to revisit this page in the future for updates.


My office is in the North End Wellness Building, a nicely remodeled 1900s home at 1310 W. Hays St.  Please come in the waiting room and press the button to let me know you have arrived.  Parking is allowed for 1.5 hours in front of the office building.