Frequently asked questions


what should i know about insurance + payments

I am considered a“fee for service” psychologist and accept full payment at time of service.  For persons with out-of-network insurance coverage, my billing agent submits the sessions to claims in order to secure reimbursement for you.  If you have out of network coverage, a reimbursement check will be written in your name and mailed directly to you.  Feel free to ask me if you have any questions about this.  I only accept payment at time of service in the form of cash, check, or HSA cards.


how long are the sessions+how often do you see your clients?

Initial therapy sessions and assessments typically take about 50 minutes, but may take longer depending on the complexity of issues and need for care. Individual and relationship counseling sessions typically last 50 minutes as well. Group therapy is scheduled for 90 minute sessions. The duration and frequency of therapy depends on your particular circumstances/problems as well as how quickly you heal, grow, and meet your goals. I tend to initially work with clients on a weekly basis. As improvement is made, the sessions are oftentimes extended to every other week to once a month. The time between subsequent sessions are adjusted accordingly to the client’s level of need and improvement.


What can I expect working in therapy with you?

Sometimes it isn’t easy knowing when you need to work with a psychologist or to continue trying to make things better on your own. In general, as a therapist I have experienced a high level of success with the persons who participate in therapy with me. People choose therapy for various reasons. Some persons participate in therapy to resolve the level of distress in their lives, some for personal growth, and others to build on specific skills.

There are many factors that determine the effectiveness of therapy. Some of the biggest factors are your level of commitment and the issues you hope to change. I know that the clients who are active and productive in therapy and who actively apply what they learn outside of our sessions make considerable progress. Therapy is not for all problems and not all people are at the point where therapy can be effective. I will honestly appraise your situation and provide feedback that I feel is in your best interest.

I would be glad to talk briefly over the phone or communicate through email to help you determine if I can help or refer you to a person who I think can be of assistance. If you decide to meet with me, we will periodically assess your progress to make sure that therapy is effective for you.

What are your fees?

Individual/Relationship/Family Therapy – $200 (50 minutes)


Clinical Supervision and Consultation – $100 (50 minutes)

Cancellations in less than 24 hours and missing appointments – a $100 fee is charged directly to the individual


how long does therapy take?

There is no easy answer to this question because personal and psychological needs vary from individual to individual. I work to be as effective as possible in therapy in order to help you improve your life in a timely manner. In general, short-term therapy (between 4 and 10 sessions) is typically best-suited to individuals who have very specific goals and needs, such as overcoming a certain phobia or giving up unwanted “habits” such as smoking, overeating, etc. With these situations, I tend to be more educative and directive, working with you to cultivate goal-oriented patterns and behaviors.

Some more complex issues may require longer-term therapy. Typically, the longer the duration and the more debilitating the issues, the more therapy and personal work will be needed resolution and healing. In addition, long-term therapy is particularly well-suited to addressing pervasive feelings of dissatisfaction, histories of trauma, ingrained behavioral patterns, and more complex psychological disorders. During your initial visit and ensuing sessions, we will work together to determine the probable length of treatment needed to meet your goals.

My office is in the North End Wellness Building, a nicely remodeled 1900s home at 1310 W. Hays St.  Please come in the waiting room and press the button to let me know you have arrived.  Parking is allowed for 1.5 hours in front of the office building.